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Friday, November 7th, 2008


Worked from home today and had a number of very enjoyable walks with Nikki and AnnaMae , my two one year old black female schnauzers. The leaves are beginning to falls in bunches blown by a gentle to strong breeze. As we walked by my sister Peggy’s condo we saw mom, dad, Peg and Wanda who come out to say hey to the puppies and to throw them down a treat. One the afternoon walk we also got to see Miss Lillian AnnaLouise Bardon. She was there with her mother Tiah Rae Bardon.

Waiting on Jeff to get home from work. We are planning to fix spaghetti, watch some TV ( definitely Bill Mauer Show) and maybe a movie. We will pet and love on the little girls, for sure.

Final note: I have been thinking all day how great it is that Barrack Obama and his family will be in the White House come January 2009. A New Day and a New Way for America.

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